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Joseph Smith - Honest Seer or Lying Polygamist

The standard Latter-day Saint narrative is the Joseph Smith introduced polygamy, had many wives and lied about it. Joseph spoke out strongly against polygamy many times. Is it possible that we incorrectly cast him as a polygamist?

Joseph Smith's grandson RLDS Patriarch Elbert A. Smith said it best: 

"There is not halfway ground. Either Joseph Smith was true and clean, open and above board ... or else he was a hypocrite and a fraud through and through, as his enemies claim."

Video reviewing the two alternate accounts from Emma and Brigham - Who is lying?

Joseph Smith the Seer
  1. Joseph and Hyrum constantly preached against plural marriage.
  2. Latter-day Scriptures warned against polygamy and D&C132 was modified.
  3. Joseph's history was modified to change his position on plural marriage.
  4. Joseph was sealed to men and women. They was no sexual relationships.
  5. Memory is not a reliable source for accurate historical events.
  6. Emma, Lucy and William Smith all testify that polygamy didn't come from Joseph.
  7. Most of the evidence implicating Joseph came during the 1880s when the church was trying to prove that Joseph originated an essential doctrine of the church.
  8. DNA tests have revealed that all possible biological descendants only come from Emma.
  9. The "marriage" to Fanny Alger in the 1835-36 was brought up in the High Council court in Far West where Oliver admitted that Joseph didn't do anything wrong: Sealing not Marriage
  10. Living husbands of wives that were sealed to Joseph never complained in the slightest: Sealings not Marriages.
  11. The story of an angel with a sword telling Joseph that he must start the practice was also a late source and doesn't agree with the ways of God.
  12. How did plural marriage begin with the Saints?
  13. Hyrum Smith was not a polygamist as has been claimed.
  14. Jacob 2:30 can't be used to support plural marriage.
Joseph - Liar