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I can remember many years ago reading some scriptures in the New Testament and finding the passages a little strange and hard to understand. Or at least they didn't make sense as I understood the gospel and so I just assumed that they must have been translated incorrectly. I now realize that I have been reading the scriptures with blinders on. I assumed that I knew what the gospel was and therefore when I came to scriptures that I didn't understand even in the Book of Mormon or D&C, I would force them to fit with my current understanding. Now however as I read the scriptures I look to understand their meaning and realize that it might mean that my previous thoughts and ideas might need to be adjusted.

Amos 3:7 

2 Ne. 31: 2, 10-21  Doctrine of Christ 
3 Nephi 16:10

D&C 1:14-16 
D&C 1:38 
D&C 84:33-42   
D&C 121:34-46 
D&C 130:22 

D&C 136