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Vaughn & Sara Schutz: October 11, 2014

They were asked by the Lord to write the post "A message to family and friends...." They sent it to their bishop, told by the Lord it would be their "last sacrifice," met with the bishop who said others may but he wouldn't excommunicate them. He was surprised that other people were being excommunicated for many of their beliefs. They decided to Resign because the Lord did "not need or want us to be members anymore." The story can be read here along with the blog posts below.

Their beliefs consists of believing the "temple endowment ceremony’s purpose is to show us how to return to the actual presence," how doctrines have changed since Joseph, that "”if Joseph Smith was a Prophet, then it is all true.” is a false notion (parts can be false while other parts can be true), and that "The Lord is offering again a chance for Zion" today to those living if they will accept it.

Events Leading to Resignation: "The Story"
Letter of Resignation: pdf link
Church Letter of Resignation: pdf link
Source: "A message to family and friends..." (pdf mirror), "I am Thankful" (pdf mirror)