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Nancy Jones Genys

"We were brought in under false pretense. It was just for a "talk." We hadn't had a visit since tithing settlement and we had no talks of doctrinal differences prior. We were caught unaware. This "talk" was a bishop's disciplinary counsel. They took our recommends, released us from callings, put us on probation and gave us 2 weeks to comply with the brethren and current doctrine. We told them we wouldn't comply in two weeks or ever unless the church allowed us to do ordinances properly [sacrament at home]. So, the stake presidency called us in for a "talk" (again, no previous conversations about any of this). This time we didn't believe them. It was the full stake presidency and another "informal court." We were told there was NO wiggle room. Either comply OR face a full court. We begged both groups of men to let us be - we would go inactive if they desired. We told them we would move... just leave us alone. They said they would hunt us down. They would NOT allow us to further offend them by using their priesthood without their permission. They said God wouldn't give it to us. I was specifically told that I was to disregard the visions I have had, the knowledge given and the instructions from the Lord (even though it is in alignment with what Joseph Smith taught [though I didn't know he taught this because I had never been taught it]). I was told that if I were supposed to know this stuff, the prophet would have told me. We prayed about it and were told to resign."

"The visions the Lord gave me were in alignment with what Joseph Smith taught. I didn't know at the time they were because we are not taught this in today's church. It was years later that I discovered the early saints were taught these same things. I testify that the Lord will teach you if you turn to Him. I testify that angels do minister to the children of men. My husband and I both resigned because of the threat of excommunication and after praying about what to do, were told by the Lord to resign. From start to finish it was 10 days. We had a bishop's court, a Stake Presidency court followed by resignation. We have felt the love of our Lord and Savior through all of this. What is our great sin? The ordinances. It all comes down to the fact that we are seeking the power of Godliness, and it comes through the ordinances. We are seeking to have Christ take up His abode with us. We believe that the Book of Mormon is the guide book on how to see angels, Christ and have your calling and election made sure. We said we would choose to live the gospel according to the scriptures as we covenanted. That was not okay. It is only okay to follow the handbook. The more I learn, the more I am grateful that the restoration Joseph started has begun anew. I have hope that maybe, just maybe, my husband and I can rise up and help our family truly be sealed to each other."

Source: Nancy Genys