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Mauricio Berger

This is briefly my story: From the age of nine I was plagued by dreams and visions of the last days. At the age of sixteen, I began to relate my visions to my father, who always associated this with some divine call; but since we lived in a small town where only one Catholic Church and one Lutheran church existed at the time, my father tried to put me in a Franciscan Catholic seminary. Since I started attending this seminar, I realized that I understood the Bible better than anyone, and gradually I began to question the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Finally, using the scriptures, I persuaded a priest named Gilmar Miranda to leave the church, causing a great stir in the small town where I lived. At that time, there appeared, pioneers of Jehovah’s witnesses; Soon, my father told them what was happening to me, and they said that I was tormented by the devil and that only by baptizing me as a Jehovah’s Witness would the enemy leave me alone. Then began a long study process of the book “You may live forever in paradise” and after a year, my father financed my trip to the city of Santa Maria in order to baptize me and stay there to be one of them, since in my city there was still no Kingdom Hall (JW meeting place). About three years passed, when I was accepted by the Watchtower Society as a pioneer to Angola, South Africa. But twelve days before I left, I saw two LDS missionaries for the first time. Being very curious, I approached them to know what they did and by surprise I got a book of Mormon. The spirit that took possession of me in reading the story of Joseph Smith was so strong and disturbing to me that it induced me to do the same as he. I retired into a pine grove in the back of the Federal University of Santa Maria, which was close to where I lived and there, I began to pray, in the certainty that God would give me the answer to know which of the religions to serve. It was then, on this occasion that I first saw the angel Raphael (LDS D&C 128: 21 / RLDS 110:21). He began to give me instructions as to what I should do, until in the future he would come to me again for further clarification. So, I gave up being a Jehovah’s Witness, and in 1998, I became a member of the LDS.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses do not encourage their adherents to secular studies, I stopped mine in the sixth grade of primary school, and as soon as I became LDS, I married a girl who was also LDS, but was a single mother and already had a daughter of two years of age. It was not just to liberate her of the reproach of being a single mother, but I got married because I really love her. However, after that, with little study, I had to undergo various types of work to support my family, which today is composed of six people: myself, my wife and four daughters.

In October of 2006, a proposal of work like vendor appeared in a shop in the city of Caxias do Sul, that is some 400 km from Santa Maria. But to go, I had to leave in Santa Maria my wife and daughters for six months. Well, to shorten the story, after six months away from home, having already arranged to bring them, I took the car from the shop where I worked and as soon as I closed the mall, at 10:00pm, I left for Santa Maria. At about 4 o’clock in the morning, I became sleepy and being near the city of Agudo, where I grew up, I decided to stop the car to rest. It was on this occasion, after 8 years, that the angel Raphael appeared to me again. It was now the dawn of April 6, 2007, the moment I went up the sharp hill (Monte Agudo). Raphael led me through the bush to the top of the high hill, and seeing that it was dark, he lit the way with a portion of energy he produced as he rubbed his hands. On the summit, he left me alone, and as I prayed to know what was happening, the angel Moroni appeared, wrapped in an extremely strong light. He explained everything to me, gave me the plates, the interpreters and the sword of Laban. On that day, I heard from Moroni, for the first time, about the Church of Christ, about the RLDS and about the importance of the land that is in the lot of the temple.

I asked that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints to remove me.  After a while, they called me in a disciplinary procession to try to get me to deny this story, stating that only the president of the LDS could translate the sealed part of the plates, I was then excommunicated, having the right to appeal to them when I decided to take them as an eyewitness to the angel Moroni.

Mauricio had made contact with the LDS church, and had informed them about their visits with the angel Moroni. Mauricio wanted the LDS prophet to come. So on Feb 4, 2008, Mauricio asked Moroni if the LDS prophet Gordon B. Hinkley could come and witness, Moroni informed Mauricio that the prophet of the LDS had already died.

On February 4, 2008 I went up Monte Agudo with Sergio, Jader Machado and Joni Batista and we all saw a multitude of angelic personages in the heavens.

On December 25, 2008 I returned with Jader and we were ministered to by 3 disciples of the Lord and we were commanded to testify that a great work was about to happen (see Jader’s email of 6/29/2011).

On December 12, 2009, I was discouraged after some men had broken into my house looking for signs and I wanted to give up everything. It was at night, and I had just called my family saying we were leaving Caixas de Sol. I was with my wife and we saw lights appear across the street in the woods where I had visited with Raphael before. My wife and I walked out of the house. She remained on the porch and I crossed the street and looked for Moroni. He was there and he directed me to meet with several prophets of the past to encourage me, so that I would never give up.

On December 22, 2009, my 33rd birthday, I returned to Monte Agudo with Joni and Jader, having the promise from Moroni that I would receive a celestial blessing. I descended the hill some distance and there was Raphael awaiting me. We disappeared from the sight of the other two brothers for about 40 minutes. The other brethren saw a light appear above them like a portal where I was surely taken to the Heavenly Zion. (See Joni’s email of 6/27/2011)

Christ’s plan, within the next seven years (as was written in 2010), was to choose at least one of the apostles of the church of Christ-Temple Lot to testify to the truth of what I am talking about, and another two of the LDS church and the RLDS church.

I know it may seem strange to say this, but it is part of Jehovah’s plan that you overcome the barrier of indifference in order to prepare Zion for Christ’s return. Your church (the Temple Lot), as it was revealed to me, is very close to the truth and therefore I was required by revelation to seek you out. But just as Christ addresses the seven churches of Asia in the book of revelation, saying that he has pleasure in their deeds, but there is something missing; so he told me: that all three, have to return to the initial condition. Both the three correspond to the beech, pine and boxwood described in the prophecy of Isaiah 60: 13, 14. “Three trees that were planted on Mount Zion to jointly adorn the place of the sanctuary of God . “

I know that the pride that is in the three will not permit greater approximation, but if all three have the desire to fulfill their role in this land of being what they claim to be: “the forerunners to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ,” then, their leaders will have to put off that pride and fulfill what is written about Jackson County, Missouri, especially in what was still a revelation of God to Joseph Smith in December 1833 when he uttered what is in the LDS D&C 101: 75 / RLDS D&C 98:10c; where the Lord makes mention of willingness by the churches that bear his name to heed his voice, to the end of redeeming Zion and establish their desolate places. It is very clear in this verse that in referring to the churches , it was not only addressing the LDS, or vice versa among the three who now occupy the great part of the temple lot. Moreover, his voice, which the Lord refers to in the section as well as in the past, is surely the voice of a prophet, which is the voice of the Lord to restore the land of Zion to the proper purpose of his true owner, Jesus Christ.

I am not speaking here of the prophet of the LDS nor of the prophet of the RLDS, for none of them, nor of you of the Church of Christ-Temple Lot, would yield to anyone among its leaders to dictate the rules for the land of Zion. Therefore, God in his great wisdom is again acting as he always acted, choosing someone from outside to become the perfect link between the three churches that bear his name. Thus, only revelations from the Lord will be fulfilled without one church taking offense at the other because some of its leaders want to overlap with others.

However, as I said before, seven years will have to pass so that you, the RLDS and especially the LDS can see with your spiritual eyes, which, for now, are blindfolded, that God is literally fulfilling in you prophecy of 2 Nephi 28 concerning the sealed plates and concerning those who dwell in Zion and they persist in saying: “all is well in Zion”! – 2 Nephi 28: 24-30 / RLDS 2Nephi 12:30-38.