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Mary Mahan Rogers: May 19, 2014

Mary Mahan Rogers: May 19, 2014
Mary "became aware there is far more to the true gospel than what I was learning at my meetings each Sunday. I learned that we can, and in fact should, receive the Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh as the Second Comforter, and receive from His own mouth the promise of eternal life." She stated "Many truths are uncomfortable. It is a great error to believe the purpose of the Holy Ghost is only to make us feel good. The Holy Ghost is a REVELATOR. How we feel about that revelation is another matter altogether. It has no other purpose than to impart truth."

"I voted in opposition [in ward conference], and my vote was noted by angels from Heaven. This vote of consent by the majority of church members occurred at the same conference where the anti-Christ idea that we do not need to know our Lord was preached over the pulpit by one of the highest leaders in the church. The Heavens are paying attention. What we do matters. When we reject the Lord’s messenger, EVEN IF HE COMES FROM OUTSIDE THE HIERARCHY, the consequences are real. There is ample scriptural precedent for the Lord to send a messenger not recognized by the hierarchy."

Letter of Resignation: pdf link
Letter of Beliefs: pdf link