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My Name is Leonard Fish

I was at my dads excommunication four years ago. I have always been taught that when their is a church court it is a court of love. When I arrived at the church I was a little uneasy, yet I thought I would be greeted with friendly caring faces from members of the stake presidency and high counsel. I needed comfort, I received cold stares and a wall of tension upon my arrival. I felt like the Stake President and High Councilmen had already made up their minds before the court ever started.
My parents are friends with F.Enzio Busche an emeritus general authority who drove down from Bountiful to Cedar City to support my dad at his church court. While my dad was in the court Enzio Busche was able to visit with everyone who was waiting in the foyer. At one point Enzio pulled me aside and said their are five people in my life who have made a huge difference and your parents are two of the five people. It made me feel good and proud to have such wonderful parents. Enzio also had the opportunity to speak in the church court, when he came out of the room he said some people are harder to love than others and I didn’t feel any love in that room.
I remember arriving at the church at 8:00 p.m. and staying their until 2:45 a.m. that is 6 3/4 hours. I have never heard of a church court lasting this long. Anyone who wanted to talk to the people in the court could do so. When it was my turn I was invited into the high council room where I noticed the room was full of people my dad was standing with no chair for him to sit on. This means he had been standing for over six hours. Is that a court of love?