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Jolene Childers

"There was a witch hunt going on here in Gilbert, AZ and I knew I was about to be named. So I felt inspired to just go in and let them know that I wasn't in line with the brethern and voluntarily give up my recommend. (Others in our circle were told that they had two weeks to get in line with the brethern by no longer partaking of the sacrament in our homes or performing and being baptized outside the church with the permission of those with the proper keys) When I went into my Bishop he was actually very nice, but wanted to convince me that I had been decieved. A couple weeks later I met with him and my Stake President. They tried to convince me once again that I had been deceived. I told them that they could not know that, since they were not present when I received my witness. A witness that I would never deny! They asked me what my intentions were and I said that I understood that I was not in line with the brethern and that I would not deny Christ and trust in the arm of flesh. If that meant that they would need to excommunicate me, well then I prefer to just to resign. So I gave them my letter of resignation. They warned me that I was breaking my covenants and that I would lose the blessings of the temple. I told them that I had not broken any of my covenants that I had made with God and that I felt closer to the Lord than ever. I reminded them that what goes on in the temple is only symbolic and is an invitation. I told them I was sure that God would not deny anyone those blessings if they were truly seeking him and living in accordance with his commandments."

Source: Jolene Childers