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Jen Kindrick

"I shared personal testimony about the importance of NOT making oaths to humans, outside of ordinances [in reference to Nelsons talk on sustaining]...To indicate that I recognize his counsel as "binding" upon me means that somehow I know the future, and can predict that whatever he says, I will follow.  I won't do it, because I can't predict the future.  If we fall back to sustaining, pre-October 2014, then we have another discussion at hand.  But we don't.  And we know – at least I do – that this new phraseology will be regurgitated over and over again in conferences to come."

She lost her recommend "Not because I don't have a testimony of God, the Eternal Father, and in his Son, Jesus Christ, or of the Holy Ghost. Not because I don't have a testimony of the restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Not because I don't keep the law of chastity. Not because I don't keep my covenants. Not because I don't go to church every week. Not because I have a Word of Wisdom problem (although I do struggle with eating too much meat and sugar, and have lots of questions about why we don't use wine in our holy sacraments.) Not because I have a problem with any egregious sins. Not because I struggle to wear the garment.  I have no problem with it. Not because I beat or abuse my spouse or children, although surely there is a better way to raise them properly. I do not have a current recommend to attend the temple because I refuse to raise my arm to make an oath-like indication that I recognize the "prophet's" calling to be legitimate and binding upon me."

Source: "My Last Temple Recommend Interview" (pdf mirror)