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Jed & Elizabeth Jenson: May, 2014

"We were led by the Lord in the events that led up to our resignation and the events that followed. In the April 2014 General Conference I felt strongly that I should oppose sustaining the leaders because of the commandments of men they preached for doctrine and their insistence on member loyalty and adherence to leaders who entered not in themselves, and prevented others from entering into the presence of the Lord. It was a powerful moment and seemed that heaven took notice of my vote. Also in April, while teaching Gospel Doctrine, I met with my bishop who had received several comments from senior class members (many current and former auxiliary leaders) regarding the content of my lessons. In early May the Lord informed me one Sunday morning that this would be my last lesson. I ended it by stating that we should all become prophets like Moses espoused. The former Stake President in the audience said that he has never found the Church president to be out of line with Christ and that we all should just follow the prophet. The Lord told me that the message I was to deliver there through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost had been fully rejected. We met with our bishop to tell him we were resigning our membership. He sent in our letter without complaint. A couple months later the Lord urged me repeatedly to invite ward members to our home to study scriptures. I put the invite out on FB and in a FB message. I hoped it would build bridges and keep friendships and associations alive. The day of the planned study session, the Stake President had a letter read in all the auxillaries in our former ward that he had authored. It stated their love for our family but wanted to make it clear to the ward members that we had given up our eternal exaltation and were now apostates. It warned ward members to be careful of attending any activity in our home. As a result of this, almost everyone in the ward cut off contact with us. After Church that day, we received one long and nasty message from a ward member and former friend who railed against us, stating we were following Satan, starting our own Church, and had lost the gift of the Holy Ghost and could only receive darkness from this point forward.

We have not felt any loss of the spirit, gift of the Holy Ghost, or blessing from heaven since our resignation from the membership list. We have continued to bless and administer the sacrament in our home and perform baptisms and re-baptisms after my husband felt he had received power from heaven to continue using his priesthood. I have continued to receive dreams, visions, and communication from heaven and from the Lord Jesus Christ."

Source: Elizabeth Jenson