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Frederick Volcansek: May, 2014

Frederick said "I explained carefully that our definition of faith today more closely resembles belief, and that when one has faith, one should expect to see the fruits of it in the form of conversing with angels and seeing various miracles, as well as receiving revelations and dreams, etc... " The first councilor rejected this doctrine, though new members seemed to understand it better than him. The councilor said "I taught nothing wrong, that I stuck to the scriptures, and that I didn't even offer personal interpretation. He also complemented me for being a great teacher. But, he said the material was too much. He said we only teach what the brethren teach and nothing more... the material is too much for church." He taught a missionary about the Second Comforter as taught by Joseph who became the highest baptizing missionary because he would teach converts that they too could "know the savior in this life." Mission president outlawed all teachings about the second comforter sending an email out to the mission.

He was bishop and was surprised released, the members were shocked and felt it should not have happened. The Stake Presidency kept trying to meet with him to find a reason to excommunicate him for teaching from the scriptures. He said instead of meeting the last few times he was led to resign.

Source: His Story