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Daniel Rogers

Daniel felt he was obligated to post a website with his testimony of Jesus Christ (linked as "My Testimony"). After sending the website the bishop released him from his calling. "The bishop stated that my testimony put me next to the 15" because he testified of his encounter of being brought into the presence of the God the Father and His Son and that each of us can receive those things. Eventually after further discussion, and the expiration of his recommend the bishop accepted that Daniel should have a recommend and allowed him to keep up his site. Part of that agreement was, though he was obligated to keep it up for 2 years, to temporary take down the site during the 3 hour block of Church.

In Daniels testimony he wrote "If you seek and accept His messengers to prepare the way, He will come suddenly to His temple and reveal to you His glorious body of burnings. He is talkative. He wants to know you more than you want to know Him. I know this because I have experienced this as a man speaks to another. Jesus Christ is the Second Comforter. He literally came to me and has comforted me. This is not a full statement of my witness. I share my testimony so that you may know that Christ lives and His work is to save imperfect people. I hope that this testimony will allow you to exercise faith enough to lay hold on these blessings." He ends with "Christ is the only one worthy of belief. Believe in Him. Seek after Him. He has promised that He will come to you. Please do not be satisfied with anything less than His literal presence...Christ has a work to do that no earthly man or program can provide. There is no servant at the gate. There is no substitute for conversing with the Lord through the veil."