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Denver Snuffer


40 Years of Mormonism - PDFs
    Lecture 1 - Boise: Be of Good Cheer
    Lecture 2 - Idaho Falls: Faith
    Lecture 3 - Logan: Repentance
    Lecture 4 - Centerville: Covenants
    Lecture 5 - Orem: Priesthood
    Lecture 6 - Grand Junction: Zion 
    Lecture 7 - Ephraim: Christ  
    Lecture 8 - Las Vegas: Broken Heart and an Contrite Spirit 
    Lecture 9 - St. George: Marriage and Family 
    Lecture10 - Phoenix: Preserving the Restoration 

Denver's Witness and Testimony

All 10 lectures in one file (264 pages).
Sunstone 2014
    Cutting down the Tree of Life to build a wooden bridge 
    First Three Words of Endowment
    The Mission of Elijah Reconsidered
    Brigham Young's Telestial Kingdom 
    Mormon History 
    Missionary Work - July 2, 2016

From Denver Snuffer Blog
    Section 132
    Alma 13 

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Audio MP3 Files:

40 Years of Mormonism (These have not been released by Denver Snuffer yet)

Missing Pieces

    Portion edited out of "The Second Comforter"


PDF copies of Denver's books.