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Sealed Book of Mormon Plates

3 Witnesses with Sword of Laban and Plates

Moroni delivered the Book of Mormon Plates to Mauricio Berger for translation of sealed portion

Mauricio Berger in Brazil testifies that the an angel directed him to meet with Moroni. who delivered to him the Book of Mormon plates. Three other witnesses were also allowed to meet with Moroni. Mauricio, the three witnesses and eight additional witnesses from the United States were all present when the seals were removed from the Book of Mormon.

Once the bands that bound most of the plates were removed, they learned that there were two secondary seals. They released the first section of the plates, but the larger portion will not be opened until Christ opens it. On the cover of that last sealed portion is a beautiful embossed cover plate that depicts the return of Zion to the earth were Christ is symbolized as a shepherd.

Two Sealed portions of Book of Mormon

When people heard that the Book of Mormon plates were being translated in Brazil, many people expressed understandable skepticism. There have been other people who have falsely published a translation of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. So of course people are not willing to accept these claims without evidence that these really are the gold plates from Moroni. The one thing that sets this record apart from those who created fraudulent sealed portions is the fact that multiple witnesses are available to testify about the reality of the events and artifacts. Additional information can be found at

In 2017 Joseph Frederick Smith (a great grandson of Joseph Smith Jr.) received the following email from Mauricio Berger in Brazil.

Message from Mauricio Artur Berger to Joseph Frederick Smith (as he read it to the Zarahemla branch)
[JS: comments by Joseph F. Smith]

I have a lot to say Mr. Smith, but as I do not know how to speak or write in English, I fear that the Google translator will transcribe a phrase otherwise, causing confusion that can be read by you. So I will briefly summarize the facts so that you can keep track of what happened to us and what we want with you.

I do not understand all of your scriptures, your doctrines, but I will use the Bible and the text of your scriptures as it appears in the site

It all started April the 6th, 2007. It was the eve of Easter. I had climbed a hill alone to pray to God in the desire to get some answers to my questions. During the trip I was lost in the woods, closed until sunset. And night came and the darkness of the trees was larger than in an enclosed room. And without a flashlight, I could not move from that place. Fear at that time took over my senses making me feel like a dark force was overwhelming me.

When a light appeared through the trees pushing away the fear that surrounded me. Soon a character involved in that light called me by name and said to not to be afraid. He identified himself as an angel of God with the name of Raphael. Which years later I could see  him in one of his writings that he had visited Joseph Smith Junior. This was from Doctrine and Covenants 110:21b [JS: and that is probably the LDS Doctrine and Covenants because that is all they have that is written in Portuguese]

On this occasion the angel Raphael made with his hands lights to illuminate the whole forest so that I could reach the top of the hill where I received the visitation of another Celestial being. Which I will not report here at this email. Leave it for another occasion. [JS: Later on I learned who that being was-—it was Moroni. Because at the beginning at this time Moroni began to work with these people]

The being who was waiting for me at the top of the mountain then prescribed more than once the text of Isaiah 1:2-9, so that it was etched in my memory. He told me that he appeared to me because of my great faith and restlessness. And that my prayer had touched the feelings of Him that rules the whole universe. But he required me to return to that same place no longer alone, but accompanied by three other men who had approached me for Bible study and that we should go back there every year until 10 years had past. And so we did, until we came to understand what God expects us to do.

You contact was revealed to us in this last time, which was January 21st of this year 2017. We were told on this occasion that we went up the hill, that the Lord was moving his hand to restore Zion to it’s place determined by him, in a place chosen to be the New Jerusalem in Missouri. He said that the churches that bear his name had strayed from their covenant making the arm of flesh their strength. He showed us that the Remnant quoted by him the first time in Isaiah 1:2-9 referred to the branches of the Restoration.

However, he affirmed that even among the branches of the restoration there were certain divergencies of opinion. [JS: That’s quite a statement] And that they are not altogether one of heart and mind. Therefor the Lord looks with appreciation to you Mr. Smith and to your congregation, for he has seen your labor and the intent of your heart. [JS: Some of you who don’t know me too well. I have worked for 21 years to bring the Saints together. I started with the Waldo sermon, 21 years ago, wherein the Lord told them that they had a window of opportunity to step through, lay aside their differences, find common ground and begin to build up the Kingdom of God. For the most part it went in one ear and out the other. And this is what he is referring to.]

But there is no way to get your people back together in one flock in your country. For there is much strife and repugnance among the latter-day saints in regards to the other churches, which in one have been divided into many. But God will do it from Brazil, until it fills all Latin America, Central and finally to arrive again in the lands of the North where the people  of the covenant is counted as being “a great multitude.” [Rev. 7:9]

In relation to what the Lord requires of us with you is that a congregation directed by you in Brazil be established and be in commune with the other branches of the restoration, because the Holy Spirit will operate in our midst, entering and preaching in many chapels of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For there are many people in that denomination that the Lord intends to seek for Himself as he did in the past when the Nephites preached to the Lamanites.

Our work therefor is similar to that of Alma who preached among the wicked people of King Noah. Converting his members to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord allowed the powers of darkness to take over the regency of the greatest church of the saints of today. But he intends to seek his own sheep from this flock, so that the prophecy of Isaiah 60:22 will come.

What we initially desire is the baptism of your hand or an authority sent to us from you for this purpose and obtain the Gift of the Holy Ghost, in order to fulfill our ministry fully as promised to us by the heavenly beings.

We are willing to separate our tithes from now on to achieve this goal, which is not ours only, but of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were told that you would be our leader as long as you lived.


Brazilian Witnesses

Testimony of Three Witnesses

By the power and mercy of our Heavenly Father and our Master and Redeemer, yes, Jesus Christ, we bear our witness to all nations.

The nature of this testimony is to briefly describe what we have seen, heard and touched:

After some time with Mauricio Berger, who told us about the events on Mount Agudo, we decided to accompany him to the mountain. We can say that everything we have seen there has an extraordinarily sacred character. The prayers and praises offered to the Lord in that place, seeking to do the will of the Father, resulted in the visit of celestial beings; the instructions received directly from the Angel Moroni, are events that have marked our lives forever and ever. We squeezed his hand and received from him the Golden Plates, the translating stones and the Sword of Laban, formerly in possession of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. This sublime circumstance had a powerful effect on our beliefs by enlarging our perception of this great and marvelous work.

We affirm that, by the power of God, the Sealed Book of Mormon will be translated, contained in the plates.

We know, therefore, that the translation will take place in two time periods. The first part that belongs to Maurício Berger (in fulfillment of the prophecy of 2 Nephi 27: 21-26 LDS, or even 2 Nephi 11: 143-147 RLDS), with the intention of calling His people again to repentance. Upon completion of the translation, we understand that will be fulfilled what is written in 2 Nephi 30: 3 LDS, or 2 Nephi 12:80 RLDS – where it is clear this Record will be sealed back to the Lord in accordance with Ether 4: 7 LDS or Ether 1: 101 RLDS. Qualifying your people to receive the second part.

We place our witness at the disposal of the world, with a deep sense of gratitude and a total sense of responsibility towards God who directs this work. We solemnly affirm that by our fidelity to this testimony our garments will be clean at the last day.

In vain will be the one who stands up against the work of God. Honor and glory be for ever and ever, the Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, in whom we entrust the conclusion of this glorious work. Amen.

Joni Batista, Valdeci Machado, and Wagner Zeppenfeld

North American Witnesses

Testimony of Eight Witnesses

We declare in the name of Jesus Christ that on Sunday, March 4, 2018, Maurício Artur Berger, the translator of the first part of the sealed plates, showed to us the golden plates which are covered on both sides with fine engravings; that we held the plates and turned the pages; and we closely examined the plates, which have the appearance of gold, and are bound together by three rings, which are silver in appearance; and we examined the characters thereon, which are exceeding fine and intricately engraved. By our examination and the confirmation of the Holy Spirit we have the assurance that they are the plates of Mormon. And we give our names unto the world, to witness unto the world that which we did both behold and handle before each other, as God bears this our witness.

We beheld and handled the interpreters, by which these engravings will be translated by the gift and power of God.

We further declare that in our presence the seals were removed which had tightly bound the greater portion of the plates. We beheld and examined the plates that were newly loosed, which have an exceeding luster with indented engravings.

Further, we bear record that the more part of all the plates remain sealed and are to come forth by the will of Jesus Christ in his own due time, and that we beheld and marveled to see the exquisite cover of the sealed book, that depicts upon the entire plate a carefully crafted and intricate image of the promised return of the heavenly city Zion, and that these things are to remain sealed until they are revealed by Christ to his people when they are prepared and found worthy. 

We admonish all nations, kindreds, tongues and people to repent and come unto Christ and heed the words which he gives, that your souls may be found spotless at the last day.

Joseph F. Smith, Bob Moore, Samuel S. Gould, Brad Gault, Gary Metzger, Tyler Crowell, David Gilmore, Kelvin Henson

My Witness

Russell Anderson
On April 29, 2018 I had the opportunity to meet with 5 of the witnesses (Bob Moore, Brad Gault, Gary Metzger, Tyler Crowell and David Gilmore). My purpose in meeting with them was to ask them questions, feel of their spirits, examine pictures and get a personal perspective on what they had witnessed.

Many of these witnesses did not know each other before the trip. They were apprehensive about what they would see and they wanted to be sure to detect any deception in the plates or deceit by Mauricio or others. They observed that Mauricio was completely open to any questions or requests. He was unafraid to let them know about his mistakes and gave them complete access to the plates.

These witnesses went to Brazil with some apprehension and they didn't leave until they had fully satisfied themselves that there was no deception with the plates. Sam Gould had been particularly interested in verifying that the metallurgy was consistent with Moroni's time period. When the rings were fully exposed, he was able to verify that they were fused in a manner that was appropriate for the time they were created.

Each witness had a different experience with the plates and the Brazilian witnesses. Tyler Crowell had been promised in a patriarchal blessing in 1986, "having the privilege of turning the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon."  Tyler was allowed to sit with the plates for an extended period of time where he turned page after page of the plates and examine the characters on each plate.

I testify that these witnesses are honest men who have made a diligent effort to know the truth about these plates and that not only have they been satisfied with what they learned, but they also felt a witness of the Spirit that this is the work of the Lord. They went to Brazil as individuals, but they returned united in the Spirit, with a bond of love, prepared to publish to the world their testimony.

There will always be critics of this work. Remember, "faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things" (Alma 32:21). Therefor it is always possible to not be fully convinced. But we must take the assurances that we have from these witnesses and step forward in faith to accept what the Lord is providing for us in this day.

It is my faith and assurance that the Lord is involved in this effort to give us knowledge from the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon plates. I look forward to the time that we can read that record.  Power comes from the words that will be translated. These words to Joseph Smith apply to the words we will get from this record, "Behold, if they will not believe my words, they would not believe you, my servant Joseph, if it were possible that you should show them all these things which I have committed unto you." (LDS D&C 5:7)

I believe with all my heart that Moroni has entrusted Mauricio with the ancient Book of Mormon record. I praise God that I will soon have the opportunity to read what the Lord wants revealed in this day.